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Date Posted: February 13th, 2016, 5:49 pm

Author Notes

I've been working on a story idea that involves a group of creatures that control a portal of dreams. The basic idea is, they help humans find these portals when they sleep, and work as a sort of "business" that give humans the perfect "wake-up call" or epiphany for their future.
The two main characters are named Phil and Suzy, and they came to me in a dream. :P They work with another character named Dave, and his secretary robot named Cheri. (Pronounced "cherry") Finally, their boss is named Bob, because why not.

It worked as a kind of workplace comedy for a while, but I wanted it to cover more serious topics, considering their clients are humans. I've tried fleshing out a few reoccurring human characters, because sometimes epiphanies don't always hit you right away, and make you change your behavior/outlook on life. We can be stubborn creatures. :P

While I wanted to make a comic out of this idea, it's still in its infancy and the story itself needs a lot of work. So for now, have a doodle.

(Also I neglected 'Folder for a month and felt I should put something up lol)


Robot stories!!
ROBOTS! Looks great!