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Dog Charas Final

Date Posted: October 3rd, 2015, 7:27 pm

Author Notes

So this is the last page! I was making a few new characters for a story I was writing, (a little mix of Balto and Bambi).
Anyway, the two lil puppies at the top are the main heroes. I wanted to keep all the "kid" characters with the same "kirby eyes" to separate them from the adults but the eyes stuck most of the way through. Except for the last character, who is very important to the plot. ;)

If I can finish redrawing "The Day of the Black Rainow" (Now "Magical Skies"), I might transfer this story into comic form.
Of course, if I do that I'll also be shattering so hearts because look at that lil yellow puppy.
He's so happy with his little friend.
Gosh, it would be terrible if something from his past came back and ruined his life, wouldn't it?

*evil cackling*


yes!! adorable!!! everything is adorable!!

nothing horrible can happen to these cute dogs *NOTHING*..............