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Friendship (Dream comic)

Date Posted: June 13th, 2015, 6:31 pm

Author Notes

So, this is kinda the combination of a few weird dreams I've been having lately.
The first four dreams I had I was a wigglytuff. I'm not sure why, in fact, I hadn't really been playing too many pokemon games before that started happening, so I can't relate it to that.
Now, I've been having dreams that I was an eevee. Perhaps it had to do with all the stress I was having, or the projects I was working on.
(Oddly enough, every other dream was a bit confusing and scary.)

This comic I drew up because of the only phrase I remembered so vividly when I woke up.
"Friends are the colors you paint your life with".
I don't know what my dreamself meant by that, but I suppose it's true!
I remember waking up feeling so sad though. I wish I knew what happened to make me feel that way.
Buuutttt I'm rambling now. So let's hope this lil comic manages to give off that bittersweet emotion that I felt.



man i want dreams like that tbh
if only I had dreams like these instead of monsters tearing limb from limb
Wow that's very deep

I can't even remember any of my dreams lol
@aqua the hedgie: I write down dreams immediately so I can remember things better. Some of them...are pretty messed up. ^^;

@SuperScratchkat: I hope some nice dreams come your way soon!
@kirby knight 1000: ^same
Also *friend hug*
@MissKate: I would totally do that if I could remember them at even that point lol