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Pick a Pokemon 1/7

Date Posted: April 18th, 2015, 12:06 am

Author Notes

So a while ago I pestered a bunch of people from DoMP and told them to 'Pick a Pokemon', any pokemon, that they'd want to be.
So after gathering information, I caught/hatched them in my copy of X, and then decided to draw them too. (I haven't got them all yet though ;-; )
I was planning on making a PMD-like comic with these guys, but I'm not too sure on that yet. ^^;

Anyway, here's the first part, (cropping the overlapping pokemon in mspaint would lower the quality).

Blizz chose Glaceon
Carol chose Glaceon

Skyy chose Zorua (shiny)
Slash chose Pikachu

I hope they look okay! ^^