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Pit Sketches

Date Posted: February 20th, 2015, 8:49 pm

Author Notes

I like playing as pink Pit in Smash. :) His serious stance after winning is kinda diffused by his outfit.
That hair though, hard to draw. xP



wait we should play smash sometime did we ever exchange FCs
@Hanna B: I think I added you a while ago when we were gonna trade PKMN but I don't remember. (I haven't touched X/Y in forever..>.>)
Mine is: 3093-8110-2335.
I dunno how we'd get on the same time, I'm Central Time.
That would make it 4pm for me, 3pm for Mountain, 2pm for Pacific and 5pm for Eastern.

Whatever's good for you is fine, my schedule is snowed out. :)
@MissKate: Well i'm Eastern so i'm 1 hour ahead of you! Shouldn't be too hard right?

Aah! it seems I added your friend code and you showed up already! You must have added mine a while ago ahahsudilenfwe
anyways yeah since today's Sunday it might be a good time, though it really depends if you are online ahaha..
If i can ask though do you have a skype? we could potentially contact either other there

(also fyi i show up as Sean on the 3ds because my brother took control of the Mii...)
@Hanna B: lol, I saw.
I actually downloaded Skype today, though I don't know *quite* how it works. It's basic IM right?
As long as I don't have to use the phone feature, I should be fine. (Only internet on my phone.) Do we add each other?
Sorry about all the questions, I never really used a lot of these types of apps so all these different features and whatnot confuse me. :P

If you do need to add me I'm: mymisskate.
Figured I'd stick to a similar username. Although, it's kinda late right now so I don't wanna keep you up or anything. I'll be working on inking and stuff for a while yet tonight, so maybe we should make a schedule for the weekend. Not sure how your weeknights are but if ya got homework or anything important I don't want to get in the way.
@MissKate: Sent you a request on skype
My computer charger isn't working properly right now and it's really loww battery so if i get back to you there it'll probably be on the phone
but hey at least my 3ds charger works that's really what matter ahaha...
(don't die computer please)
@Hanna B: Accepted!
Also oh snap, my computer's kinda in the same boat 'cept it's cause it's like 15 years old. Wishing you the best of luck with it!