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Date Posted: November 15th, 2014, 4:56 pm
How do clothes work.

Author Notes

I'm a bit behind with my Smash comic, so I don't want to put up my drawing of the two main characters yet...So have some squishy alien instead!

Elodie is supposed to mean 'shy' in Greek, (I dunno if that's accurate but adgj··)
She's my adopted alien in a short story I was working on a while ago, but writer's block and work have been keeping me from updating it.
Elodie is a shy, curious member of her species, that likes fluffy sweaters and hiding under blankets, while looking out at the sky. In order to comfort and befriend her, I gave her one of my sweaters. The two of us try to figure out how to save her species and how to communicate in general. That's all I really have down in the story. :/

Boop Boop~


And pink :D