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Date Posted: November 7th, 2014, 10:50 pm
Is that Master Hand?

Author Notes

Sheesh, I've been busy. ^^;
Since I was working three jobs (now two, thanks to the cold weather), I haven't had much time to do things. But I did manage to find times on the weekend to complete quite a bit!

On the far left of this photo, is my sketched out "storyboard" for my comic, Crystal Quest. No real spoilers there, so don't worry!~
Then there's my hand. lol
Next are some inked pages of CQ, again, no spoilers.
In my notebook, I have some character sketches of two characters I'm going to have in my Smash Bros. comic. I have a colored picture of the two already done and waiting to be scanned, so there's that.
Finally, the title page of my SSB comic. A lot of these characters I've never drawn before! You'll hear more about that later.

That's what I have so far! Lots to look forward to, and I'll have plenty of misc. to drop here in my spare time.
See you all again soon!



Wow amazing! I love that Pikachuuuu and the other person in the notebook

eeeee Crystal Quest
also whoa that picture on the right that looks complexxxxx