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Harlem Shake

Date Posted: October 12th, 2014, 12:30 am

Author Notes

This is the last request in my file from dA.

Uh, so basically the requester wanted a short comic based on the Harlem Shake and?? Being the type to not know the ins and outs of popular internet memes..I had to look this one up.
Basically the video starts as like, one person, then a whole bunch of people show up and dance/do stuff, and at the end there's a lion???

I made the lion a luxray for fun but I really think the joke is lost if I don't explain it. Pretty sure this meme is dead too.
I'm like, a million years late in internet time. D:
I hope the person this was for still thinks it's funny.
Also I'm planning a thing!~ A Smash related thing.~
So there's that.

Stay tuned.


ahaha i don't understand this at all but the Luxray is adorable
@Hanna B: Luxray saves the day!

@Therater2: I seriously wish there was another season of the Mr. Men Show. I loved how cute/funny it was, plus I loved the books as a child and seeing the characters in motion was super cool! :D
@MissKate: Same here.
I didn't think anyone cared/knew about that show any more! :D