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LPS Sketch

Date Posted: October 7th, 2014, 4:24 pm

Author Notes

I have a fairly small collection of Littlest Petshop figures. My three most prominent ones are these guys above.

Butterscotch (deer), Cherry (dog), and Fizz (horse).
I guess I was feeling hungry when I was naming them. ^^;



omg LPS
I have
I remember naming every single one of them
and forgetting the name of them all
you know, i should get into these again I think
take all of LPS, name them (writing the names DOWN THIS TIME MAYBE), and have little play sessions. Then, record my ideas and make a comic of them!!!
Of course i'm probably gonna procrastinate this idea like forever but hey
it's a good thought, right? >.>;
@Hanna B: If you plan stuff out first, instead of plunging in head first, you'll have a much easier time preventing plotholes, believe me. ^^;;
How many do you have btw? I've got maybe ten. (Would've been more but I lost my mouse one somewhere.)
@MissKate: How many do I have?
I have no clue.
I should get them all out and count them one by one.
But I know this: It's WAAAAAAAAAAAY more than 10 like seriously holy crap.
I might be exaggerating but I honestly don't remember. >.>;
@Hanna B: I used to own ~330 brushable My Little Ponies.
I know that feel.

@meta-eggplant: *whispers* Do it.
oh these things
I had a bunch of these when I was younger
In fact I still have a couple favorites sitting on a tiny shelf
Maybe I should draw them sometime...