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Smash Hype!

Date Posted: October 3rd, 2014, 11:37 pm
Show me your 'chus!

Author Notes

Guess who my mains for Sm4sh are.

I'll give you three guesses.
The first two don't count.
In celebration of Smash Bros. for the 3DS coming out to the rest of the world, I thought I'd share this drawing of my planned mains for the game.
But because I have to wait a while until I can get this game, I've decided to do a little something for you guys to keep me occupied. (Other than comics.)

I'd love to stretch my drawing muscles and draw some new stuff. So, if you'd like me to draw something, request it here!
(I'll do my best!)

Obviously I can't draw everything, so I'll speak up if it's beyond my limits. But other than that, request away!
Feel free to PM me or whatever, and tell your friends! lol
And to you lucky puppies with SSB4 in hand...
SHOW ME YA MOVES! Sorry, not sorry.



Oh no Smash 4 is ouuuuut
oh no I can't get iiiiit right away
Oh nooo i'm probably most likely gonna have to wait for christmas to get iiiit
oh nooooooooo i really hope not oh gosh

And for requests do I haaave to PM you or should I just comment here because I do that all the time anyway
@Hanna B: I feel your pain. D:;
And yes you can reply here too. I just give the option to PM as a reflex.

(If you do have to wait til Christmas, you could always ask for the Wii U version. ((As expensive as it is.)) Playing Smash in HD with GameCube inspired controllers...*drool*) lol

@meta-eggplant: I've never met a Dedede main! You must be amazing~ (Never been good at weapon users myself, so my absolute respect to ya. ^.^)
Yeah he's one of my mains too. Captain Falcon and Dedede.
My mains tend to be Dedede, Wario, and Toon Link.
Pretty mixed bag if you ask me.
And no I am far from a good player trust me on this.
@meta-eggplant: Sounds like you enjoy using quirky characters. Coincidently, all Nintendo characters are quirky!

@Therater2: Your abilities will most likely surpass mine in very little time. After all, I've got seven years on you.
(And shhh I don't consider myself a great artist yet anyhow. 'Good', sure, but not great.)
How is Shulk anyway? He appears to have a very difficult playstyle.

Sort of unrelated, Meta Knight got me interested in Smash in the first place. Perhaps I should be maining him instead! XD
Your drawings are amazing! Way better than mine. *FAV*

And to add to the conversation, my mains are Kirby, Link, Toon Link, and Shulk for now!