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Date Posted: September 24th, 2014, 7:04 am
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Author Notes

I've been struggling with horses for years, and I'm really happy with how this drawing turned out.

Story time!
When I was traveling with my parents to the southwest, I got to see a lot of things. Trading posts, giant sculptures standing alongside the freeway, bears, lots of cool mountains and buildings, and one amazing thing I thought I'd never see in my lifetime.
Actual wild horses.
I believe we were around Oklaholma when I saw the herd. Dusty scrub brush all around with no fences holding back the on stretching plains. The shrubs sometimes got very tall, about cow's height. Sometimes you'd see deer or pronghorn sheep messing about. (They're like little antelope!)
Anyway, I was staring out the window when I saw some animals foreging in the brush. A tall stallion was keeping watch, and he was beautiful. A dirty kind of bay, with a long, scraggly black mane, tangled with twigs and grass. His herd consisted of two other bays, a dun (light tan with a black mane), and an appoloosa (white with small black spots). There was a somewhat younger horse amount them, I figured it was a yearling.
There might have been one or two others, but these few were the clearest in my mind. And they were mustangs. Wild horses.

I dunno I just felt kinda blessed at that moment. This next generation might never get to witness these amazing creatures. I mean sure, someone might say that they're just ungroomed, uncorraled horses...
But to me, they meant something.

Don't be afraid to travel, is the moral of this story I suppose. Nature has some pretty wacky and amazing things to show you!

Just as long as they aren't bears.
@#$& bears.
About the drawing itself: it was partially inspired by the story above. The horse I based it off of is a Breyer horse model I have and gave the name Promise. He's very pretty, but certainly hard to find the right color for his coat. (Dark bay)

I dunno, I just really like horses. :P


You do really like horses don't you?
Well I love your drawings of them!
Aha bears are scary >.>

I love the pose of this and the background oh my gosh the background
The horse's mane is amazing too and just everything

Hey hey you should make a comic where the characters are horses or something *shot*
@Hanna B: asdfghjkl /(^-^)\ Thank you~

lol I should dig up my old horse and pony comics and see if I can rewrite them into things that make sense.