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Ace and Joy

Date Posted: September 22nd, 2014, 2:52 am

Author Notes

Pokemon time~

On my Pokemon Black copy, I raised a Golett and Audino together. The Audino was an early catch, so she kind of helped my little golett along until he (it/they?) evolved into a Golurk.
My main fighter was a Sawk, and whenever one of these two fainted in a double battle, I liked to think that they were standing up for their fallen friend like, 'Oh no! I'll avenge you!', ya know?

Anyway, they're my only pokemon couple from Gen. 5. XD
Since my first playthrough Unova was in White, I was less involved with their personalities, and more into level grinding and exploring.

But yeah, that's the story of these two. lol


Oh wow this is adorable!
Maybe I should restart a Pokemon game and actually give my Pokemon personalities and pretend I'm a real Pokemon trainer!!
...Or I can just be sentimental and not restart any of my games like I've been doing
that works too
except not really.................
@Hanna B: Or you could stay up into the wee hours of the morning writing terribly long fanfiction about them.
But that requires insanity and insomnia. :P