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Low Ryder

Date Posted: September 16th, 2014, 11:17 pm
My little pony, my little pony-

Author Notes

*immediately loses all her readers*

This was a sort-of request from someoneon dA (again!). Uh the person (I believe their username was Lowrider), was very nice to me and did some Minecraft art as well as was pretty talented in the music department, and he liked my art style so I offered to draw his ponysona.
I've been drawing ponies for years, to be frank, and it took me a good while to learn the G4 style.

Though I'm not a part of the 'Brony' fandom, I am a huge fan of My Little Pony as a whole. My first pony was G2 Lightheart (IIrc), and I had quite the collection (300+) growing up through G3.
Now my collection has kind of gone down, and I can't afford to go pony hunting for G1s like I used to, but the cartoon and art keep me very entertained.

Would have been cool if they kept the cast G1 stars 'cause I liked old Twilight's colors better···but that's just me.

*hides under laundry basket*
Even if I posted old art every hour every day, I still wouldn't have gotten through it all...*motions to her 20 gallon storage bin/slips hand back under basket*

But that's life. XD


I watched all the episodes yay me (though I'm sure MANY others have too)
This looks great! It's a unicorn yay! Unicorns have got to be my favorite type of pony since psychic magic.
Even though my favorite pony Fluttershy is a pegasus aha..
You draw mlp ponies better than me tooo
I seriously need to cut back on my kirby art and start practicing other things >n<
@Hanna B: Are you excited for Season 5?! :D
I never thought they'd get this far~

Fluttershy's my phone's screensaver. My favorite pony would have to be Twilight, though I do shift between the three best ponies. (Twi, Shy, and Applejack.)

((And yeah sticking to one thing slows down art growth, but don't do what I did and not draw other stuff in between. You'll fall out of practice and end up with some really funny looking characters! lol))