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CQ Humanized Characters Part 1

Date Posted: September 14th, 2014, 12:12 am

Author Notes


I've been messing around with humanized versions of my puffball characters since before I started Crystal Quest. This is what I have so far.
My favorite designs are Leaf and Lilac's, but the outfit I want to make for Cotton seems a bit above my skill level. So I'm not too happy with that.

Another thing: characterization (sp?? Lol it's late).
I didn't want to make my characters' skin colors and personalities too 'obvious'.
Like, Storm is a black/dark grey colored character. It would seem too obvious to make his human version a POC. I also dIdn't want to make him 'super white' because of his English/British accent, (which I should find a voice clip for so people know my characters' voice headcannons).
Leaf I was also planning on making Chinese, but Japenese seemed like a better fit since Kirby is a Japenese character.
Now with Lilac, I wanted her to either be Greek or Russian in origin, but something's drawing me toward European...(Think stereotypes like British nanny or something.)
Cotton is probably American or Canadian. So that's pretty meh.

Not listed, along with Storm, is Blade and Azure.
Now I know I wanted Azure to be blond. Yellow/blue is a nice combination imho, and he completes the hair color spectrum. Since he's also 'the baby' I wasn't thinking too far ahead what his nationality would be, but for the sake of lol let's say Swedish.
Blade, however, seems to be the only POC then. (If you don't count Leaf.) I just kinda made him tan, with ginger/red hair. That's not realistic in the slightest, but it shouldn't bother me because these are all marshmallow people. He also has a wider nose the the rest so maybe he's a random island child. Idk

Now compairing their human selves to their puff selves...none of their origins match up. Not even Storm's. (Though I haven't covered his backstory so..eh.)
I'm over thinking this. XD Sorry if you read all that.
*gives internet cookie*

Expect the guys' sketches up in the near future.


Wow these are awesome!
I seriously need to learn how to draw humans still... maybe i can learn from you somewhat by looking at your art ahaa
(ps i read all that :3)
@Hanna B: *gives internet cookie*
I learned a bit about drawing (using different techniques and such), by checking out books on the subject from my local library.
My grandmother also had an old drawing book but it was mostly focused on the female form so..not a lot to work with. XD

If you want to learn more visually, (watching someone draw), I'd look up speed paints on YouTube. (*If you don't already*) I learned a bunch of new techniques this way. :)
(Though to be honest, your art style looks perfectly fine to me. But yeah, learning and growing and such is important too. ^^ )

Also if you're planning on doing traditional art, make sure to have a good eraser. D: Smudges are annoying.