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Date Posted: September 13th, 2014, 2:17 am

Author Notes

Yo @Hanna B!

I hope I did your Puffball-sona justice. She's very adorable, gotta love that pink/purple combo!

I actually spent some time sketching her out, trying out some different poses. This was the one I liked the most though, so obviously it's the one I picked. lol

Hope you like her~



MissKate you are simply amazing! I love this!
I love the way you did the hair, the hat, the EVERYTHING!
She just looks so adorable!!
I should request from you more often--*shotshotshotshothiflhesugleilges*
(aha if I did would you mind? ^^; )
@Hanna B: (/^-^)/ I'm so glad you're happy!~

And I don't mind requests at all. Drawing other characters is a great way to grow as an artist. (And I most likely won't get too swamped over here. *tumbleweed* lol )