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Yoshi Kirby Pikachu

Date Posted: September 11th, 2014, 3:07 am

Author Notes

Lol these are the only Smashers I can draw from memory.

I've actually got a couple of sketches of Zamus and Cap. Falcon, but I dunno if I'll post them. :x (I'm terribad at drawing the human characters.)

So hype for Sm4sh though! It's actually leaking right now. Reminds me of when XY started leaking. Looks like I'll be up all night again.~

Please Mewtwo, BDee, and Ridley. Please please please. /)(>.<')(\



Sm4sh? Oh my god that is a clever name. That needs to be the actual namefheruislnguisln
eeee i can't wait for the game now ahh

Anyways wow Yoshi that looks so adorable :o
Pikachu is just kinda like "Pika~~" Adorable!
And then Kirby with that face eee
i think your art style is really adorable and cute and i'm probably gonna repeat that a whole lot aha
@Hanna B: I dunno, Super Smash Brothers 4 the 3DS / Wii U is pretty clever. I'm not sure the name was intentional though! lol

Also thank you ~ /)(^///^)(\