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Kate the Cat

Date Posted: September 5th, 2014, 5:21 am
We have the same name! :D

Author Notes

Yo, I've returned from the dead.

Anyway this was a request from dA. Someone (I forgot who), wanted me to draw their character Kate the Cat.
I thought 'lol why not?' And this is the result.

I never got the chance to post this over there, so hopefully the person who requested it will somehow come across this and go, 'hey...waitaminute'.
I am so so so sorry I need to tell the people I befriended on dA to come over here but I'm scarred to because I was unable to put anything up due to them changing the format and I ragequit and it's just a huge mess I'm sorry.



I neeeeed to learn how to draw anatomy like this
seriously this is just
wow amazing
@Hanna B: Thank you! ^^

Honestly it took me years to learn how shoulders work so... I've come a long way from five legged cats and neckless stick people. X)