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Wasabi and Simon

Date Posted: August 29th, 2014, 8:13 pm

Author Notes

My two Johto babies.

They were oringnally PMD characters that I made for my first playthrough of Darkness, and I grew attatched to them and made them on my HG game, then transported them to White and finally X.
Wasabi has a son named Basil, and Simon has a son Who's name I've forgotten....
Oh how disappointed I was when I saw they weren't compatible..

Anyway, I prefer their first stages, but the Pokemon themselves are fully evolved.
Personalities for funsies~

Wasabi: Curious, friendly, often competitive with friends. Her accessory is a purple scarf with a silver star.
Simon: Smart, shy, usually quiet but can make his voice heard. His accessory is a red collar with tiny flames on it.



Is the Quilava shiny? it looks shiny
wait no it doesn't it's just greener
*literally looked up shiny Quilava just now* haha um
Bayleef looks greener too huh
anyways this is cuuuuuute protecting Quilava from the rain like that ahhh just adorable

(last page: wait really?? wow!! I'll give you my friend code later, it's 1 in the morning. >.<)
@Hanna B: Yeh I tend to use mostly green with my pokemon.

((Yo I'll have to get back to you on the third of Sept. So no rush. ^^ It's surprisingly also one am here lol ))
@MissKate: *it's the 4th of September*
oh noooo school is being stupid again
only started last week and getting homework and quizzes ahhh
wonder when we'll actually be able to exchange friend codes
@Hanna B: AHH I AM *SO* SORRY!
I had to do a bunch of work when I got home and took a pain killer and slept through the whole day and now it's the 5th and asdfghjkl..
Yo I'll be bookmarking this page to check every so often so hmu when you got the chance...

I tried my best to breed a suitable chikorita (it said relatively superior (sp? cuz it's late) with like, high HP so I dunno if that's good enough? Not sure if you'd use it for battle or whatever but I didn't want to give you a bad mon.
I have two females and one male. If you want them nicknamed a certain something I will do that. (I hang out on route 7 so I know the name rater is nearby.)

So, in addition to that I want to draw something for you. I feel like I owe you that much. And don't hesitate about it cause it would be no trouble at all, honest. :)

So yeah we'll see. I hope school goes well for you! Do your best. (=^-^)/*♡~
@MissKate: nonono don't apologize!! I completely forgot about it and school is just augh
and you don't have to breed a good Chikorita! As long as I get one it would be amazing, if I ever wanted to use it for battle, i would take that one and breed it since i'm too overly specific with IVs and natures now
No need to nickname either because same reason applies, if i breed another I can just nickname it. ^^;;;
Oh wow really?
Well you don't have to but, alright I guess I could request something.

Maybe draw my kirby character, Hanna?
she's in my avatar if you need a reference
@Hanna B: Is cool.
Ahh but is it seriously that late over there? (Referring to the post timestamp) It's six 30 here but like if you're still hangin around like, my ds is right here I'll pm my fc to you.

So many acronyms. Letters...uh..

But lol I had a feeling you'd pick your Kirby fc so yeah I hope I'll do her justice. *thumbs up*

ETA: Now it says 3:30 I don't even know..