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Chickorita Doodle

Date Posted: August 28th, 2014, 5:03 am

Author Notes

Favorite Johto starter.


When I was younger I used to play Pokemon like imaginary friends and Chikorita was my first Pokemon I think
I also chose it on Pokefarm
Chikorita is amazing
Of course I still have yet to get it in any Pokemon game ever
since I never played HGSS or GSC
d'aww though I love this
when I draw Chikorita it looks weiiiird but your style is just so adorable
@Hanna B: Oh snap! I did the same thing!
My imaginary Pokemon was a charmander though. There was a whole backstory and everything.
((I should make that a comic.))

I don't know how the 3ds friend codes work but if you have x/y I could probably breed you one.
(Mama's name is Wasabi, she's a HG transfer.)