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Shiba Inu Sketch

Date Posted: August 13th, 2014, 9:34 pm

Author Notes

When I was working in the south, it was for a nice elderly woman. My two coworkers were beautiful purebred Shiba Inu. (The male was even a retired show dog!) My boss was very surprised how sweet her two dogs acted toward me, considering they weren't comfortable around strangers, but we really hit it off.
This dog that I sketched was named Kamiko, nicknamed by her owner 'Miki' and 'Miki-chan' by me because I'm a silly frog.
ANYWAY, she was incredibly smart and affectionate, always with her head on my lap while I made booklets and scanned files.

Shibas also take very good care of their paws and nails, and she and her father were constantly grooming like cats. They were silly!

Since I've moved, I've really been missing them. My boss was super nice and I worked alongside dogs! (Dogs that didn't agrovate my allergies..) Finding work out here is a pain.
And, even though I couldn't accurately get down that cute pluffy thing they do when they scrunch their necks, I'm fairly happy with how this turned out. (Neck's too long but hey, swirly tail.)

Now I wait for someone to make a doge joke so I can sigh a hurricane at my screen...



i love dogs i love this drawing
d'aw d'aw d'aw d'aw d'aw d'aw
wait what's a doge
@contradiction123: :D

@Hanna B: :D
..You don't know what doge is?

All joking aside, it's an internet meme and it annoys the heck outta me. XD