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Derrie Doodle

Date Posted: July 22nd, 2014, 12:26 am

Author Notes

Anyone here play Neopets?

Just me? Okay.

I've had my first account for a few years and only recently (read: a couple years ago), I painted my red Lupe, Derrie.
Well, more like I just happened to stumble upon the magma pool but whatever. Gave me an excuse to break out my old crayons. :P



Neopets omg
Ok so
I do have a Neopets account and I was OBSESSED
but that was like years ago
since then I keep forgetting my username and password and if I ever wanna go on again I have to the email thing.
And since I THINK I used my mom's email back then (but I dunno) that's a pain
so I kinda stopped playing it

But one of my favorite things about Neopets was the Petpetpet farm. I would spend hours on that.
I also did the Petpet thing and it was pretty fun.
I don't remember much of anything and I should probably go back to the site one day.
All I remember is that I have 4 creatures...and one of them is... an Aika? I named it Calicat (which is stupid but they weren't letting me name it anything else) I don't remember what the 3 others were but--
OH one of them was a bunny-like thing I think it begins with a U uhhh

Well anyways, I love this drawing! I really wish I could draw like this. =/
@Hanna B: Yeah it's kinda difficult doing anything on Neo now that they switched from Viacom to Jumpstart. (Passwords didn't work one day I believe. That and the boards are a mess.)
I have a feeling your Calicat was either an Acara or an Aisha. (A-car-ah, Eye-sha) *shrug* Last one sounds like a Cybunny. (Hard to obtain but super cute.) OR or..a Usul now that you mention it starts with a 'u'.
My three other than Derrie are all Xweetoks. :)

(And your art is sooperdooper bubblegum cute don't you dare put yourself down I will send internet cookies to help you feel better.~)
*gives cookies*