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Horse Sketches

Date Posted: July 17th, 2014, 10:56 pm

Author Notes

I love horses. ^^ They're very intelligent creatures; very strong too.
The only problem is I'm not super good at drawing them. (I have a difficult time with legs and rearing poses in particular.)
Like many girls who grew up with the DreamWorks Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron movie, I adored the art style and tried to imitate it the best I could. I grew out of that, but a part of that style (particularly the eyes) lingers on as I draw. ^^;

I was planning a horse comic a few years ago, but had lost interest and threw most of it away. The pages I have left are very messy and the plot is silly as all heck, but maybe one day I'll try again. :)



(Last page: *Grovyle)
It's funny because just last night I was looking for ways to draw horses since I don't know how to draw them, so I could draw one for my mom whose birthday is today because she loves horses. I have two tutorials but now I'm looking at your artwork and I could try this too!

Love the detail on this!
@Hanna B: asdfghjkl I just noticed the misspelling after I posted but was too lazy to fix it ;;
'Hope you and your mom celebrated in style! ^^