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Date Posted: July 15th, 2014, 11:37 pm

Author Notes

I'll get a banner on here soon I promise..
So uh, I actually put this on my dA page first, but the picture was poor quality so here's the scanned version!

And uhm. Celebies? Celebii? Serebai..I dunno.
Love these guys they're cuties! ^.^



Pretty sure Celebi plural is just 'Celebi'
Two Celebi!
omg is that the shiny Celebi from PMD
or is it just a shiny Celebi
either way
@Hanna B: I literally realized that at 4 in the morning. X3
Ahh but that's just a random shiny Celebi, the request was for any kind so I drew both. I ship PMD Celebi and Grovile so hard
And thanks~ I'm glad you think they're cute. ^.^