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Emma Doodle

Date Posted: July 14th, 2014, 7:59 am

Author Notes

Wasn't sure what to put up today, so here's a doodle of my cat Emma. (She's a precious baby. ♡)

Fun fact: We also have her sister, Sophie, with us, and because she's "married" to our older boy Happy 'Doodle', her name would kinda also be Emma Doodle.

That's not how that works? Oh.

Annnyyway..She's nine as of last month and is doing very well. :)
She also hits very hard so I try not to tick her off. >.>;;
Cats are great.


ohhhh my god this is amazing
you draw cats so welllll
I just
So realistic!
@Hanna B: Ahhh ·\\\· You really think so? Asdfghjkl Thank you so much. ♡