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Fennekin Doodle

Date Posted: July 13th, 2014, 12:23 am

Author Notes

This is a drawing of a Fennekin, my favorite starter from Pokemon X and Y. I drew this right after the starters were first revealed!
It's also the first time I've drawn one. I think she looks alright.

My Fennekin was a female that I named Veronica. She stayed a Braixen until she was level 90, where I decided to let her evolve into her final stage. She's not the strongest 'mon, but she's one of my favorites. ~♡

Anyone else choose fenny?


I DID-- wait no that's not right
I wanted to choose Fennekin.
But I didn't want to get Zapdos later, since it was my least favorite of the bird trio.
I chose Froakie! But I got Fennekin later~ Still gotta catch that Moltres...
I bred the Fennekin to get a female, and named her Ruby. ^^ (Fennekin is so cuuuuute)
@Hanna B: Froakie is actually the strongest of the three, what with Protein and all. But Fennekin is the queen of cuteness. ^^

Good luck with Moltres, those birdies certainly like to play hard to get. :/